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DISTRIFARM supplies and assembles complete barn equipment for dairy cattle: Ventilation curtains, fans, cow mattresses, cubicle partitions, feed fences, lighting, ... We also have a very extensive range of dairy farming equipment (udder care, milking machine hygiene, hoof care, feed additives, ...) and calf rearing (milk taxis, igloos, vending machines,…).


HOLM&LAUE : milk taxis, automatic calf feeders, Igloo systems,…
TOPCALF : calf housing
TORENA : flexible cubicles from Canada
KRISTEN STABLE EQUIPMENT : deep litter cubicles and feeding fences
JOURDAIN : barn equipment
ARNTJEN : stable curtains
OBERLEITNER : roll-up doors
PROMAT : stable mattresses
ABBI / VES : fans
AGRILIGHT : LED stable lighting
KERSIA : udder health and milking machine hygiene
ECOLAB TECHMIX : specialties for calves and dairy cattle
WOPA : hoof care
HOOFCOUNT : automatic claw baths
COLO CARE : colostrum pasteurization …