Exhibitors | Setting up and dismantling

Setting up and dismantling

The build-up can take place on the following days and hours

(Any early accrual must be requested from Easyfairs Belgium.)

The dismantling can take place on the following days and hours

Setting up and finishing the stands

Please observe the following guidelines when setting up the stands:

The layout of the stands must correspond to what is stipulated in the general regulations and with the regulations from Easyfairs Belgium and the fire brigade.

Each exhibitor must measurements from his place of residence to respect as marked on the floor. It is forbidden to place publicity material outside this area or to have material (promo boards, flags) protrude above the corridors.

If the adjacent walls of a stand are higher than that of the neighboring stand, the rear of that wall (i.e. facing the neighboring stands) must be finished in consultation with the adjacent stand(s).

Partition walls higher than 3m must be approved by Easyfairs Belgium. To do this, send an e-mail with the design of the stand to exhibitor@easyfairs.com.

In order to promote the harmonious whole, the organizer of Agriflanders reserves the right to disturbing installations and decorations to have it removed or changed. Banners may in no way mar the exhibition. The Agriflanders secretariat decides on this.

The open sides of the stand may be closed with panels for a maximum of 1/2.

The day before the opening all work must be completed before 9 p.m.

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Agriflanders takes place in Flanders Expo in Ghent, one of the largest event complexes in Belgium and located just next to the E40.

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