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Local products

Meat Products Antonio has been established in Eke as a small meat processor. Since then, the company – better known as “Breydel” – has become a modern, growing company that specialized in oven baked meat, with the top products: Breydel Ham and Breydel Bacon. Breydel Ham and Breydel Bacon aren’t cooked but are slowly roasted in an authentic convection oven. Smoothly sprinkled with herbs for the unique taste. Thanks to this original way of heating, these products are no longer only sandwich filling. Used by chefs and foodies in easy as well as top-culinary dishes. Even after longer periods in hot dishes the products only loose an absolute minimum of juice and keep the attractive presentation and taste. Breydel keeps on innovating and through a thorough R&D new products find their way in the range: Breydel Shank, Breydel Mousse, Croquette, Breydel Cutlet,… Since July 2009 Breydel has moved to a brand-new, multifunctional building with a visitor centre and kitchen infrastructure. An example on the field of quality, environment and marketing. Or… the story of a regional product that earned the pride of food lovers.

Breydel Ham

Breydel Ham is prepared in the traditional way. The unique herb blend and the oven-braised character lend the tasty flavour typical of Breydel. Most of all, Breydel Ham is a certified regional product. A confirmation of our traditional methods and skill!

Breydel Bacon

The bacon is prepared with traditional craftsmanship, just like our other products.

Fresh bellies are marinated, respecting the curing time. Subsequently, they are sprinkled with herbs and braised in the oven. Uniquely braised with fine herbs!

Breydel Bacon has been certified by VLAM (Flanders' Agricultural Marketing Board) as regional product since June 2013. A confirmation of our traditional methods and skill!

Your butcher or deli, or your supermarket’s staffed specialty section, may offer two variations: Breydel Bacon and derided and deboned Breydel Bacon. The derided and deboned Breydel Bacon is a variation of the ordinary Breydel Bacon, in which the fat and cartilage are removed. This is why this oven bacon is better suited to kitchen preparations. Breydel Bacon can be purchased in thick or thin slices. The thin slices are most suitable for culinary preparations. Thick slices can also be used in your recipes, but mostly, it is a number one hit in barbecues!