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Animal/livestock feed

Jodoco specializes in the development and production of innovative premixes and supplementary feed. Development takes place in our own laboratories and in collaboration with institutes and universities at home and abroad. A wide range of active ingredients is used here. This includes betaine, organic acids, minerals, inulin, oligo fructose, mannoproteins, β-glucans, various sugars, glycerol and essential oils. This has led to a wide range of products for both the compound feed industry and for self-mixing cattle farmers and for both ruminants and monkeys.
These products have multiple applications. This includes the preservation of feeds and drinking water, the modulation of the immune system, growth promoter, protection against heat stress, binding of mycotoxins and improvement of zoo technical performance in general.


Laurax improves the balance between good and bad intestinal bacteria. The growth of pathogens such as Streptococci and Clostridia is inhibited, but Lactobacilli and Bifidus bacteria remain protected. As a result, Laurax improves the absorption of nutrients from the feed and ensures an optimal health condition, especially for young animals. Laurax offers the necessary protection with a reduced use of antibiotics.


Grovax is a concentrated blend of essential oils, such as oregano and garlic, and medium-chain fatty acids. It can be used in drinking water from pigs and poultry. Grovax has a natural antibacterial effect and thus contributes to a healthy intestinal flora.


Source of Betaine, combined with organic acids for drinking water application in pigs. JodoPlume protects the intestinal epithelial cells against osmotic stress factors such as dysbacteriosis and heat and thus prevents diarrhea in pigs.


Very efficient substitute for all added choline chloride as a donor of methyl groups.
Source of glycine and has a sparing effect on methionine in the absence of methyl donating capacity.
Osmoprotectant both at gut level and at cell level: better water, feed, additive and nutrient utilization.
Antistress factor: increases the resistance of the intestinal tract against all kinds of stress factors such as drought, heat, excess salt / minerals, pathogens and the like.
Protects the liver against fattening and regulates the fat and energy management in the body: less fat deposition, more lean growth in pigs and more breast meat in broilers.


Ruval is a protein-rich and tasty liquid feed material, suitable as a protein corrector in dairy or meat cattle rations. Ruval preserves the TMR. In addition, Ruval contains nutrients that stimulate rumen fermentation and promote the health of the animals.

Acibet G

Ration enhancer, increases the absorption and utilization of the (mixed) ration. Stimulates liver function, actively reduces the negative energy balance. Delivers more milk with better levels!