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Stable construction and installation

Create Quality for life

At Paul Mueller Company we are united by a belief that the only quality that matters is quality that works for life. With every piece of processing equipment we build, our goal is to have lasting impact. From solar milk coolers in rural Africa, to lifesaving medical technology we are making an impact across the globe.

Milk cooler

The milk cooling tank  is the base of the Mueller product range and is standing out in quality, finish and cooling.

Refrigeration unit

The proprietary technology of the refrigeration unit, also known as a condensing unit, has historically made it one of  the most energy-efficient milk cooling system in the world.

Plate cooler

Plate coolers allow you to use your existing water supply to precool warm milk before it loads into your milk cooler. This can reduce the operation time of your refrigeration system up to 50%. while enhancing your milk quality.


Fre-Heaters encourage sustainability by recycling the heat generated from the tank-cleaning process and use it to fill the hot water heater.


Ideal for cooling of high milk volumes fast, increases the milk quality.