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RA-SE Genetics NV breeds, multiplies and distributes pig genetics in the Benelux in cooperation with Rattlerow Farms (UK). Since the start of the collaboration with Choice Genetics in 2017, the RA-SE Genetics products are distributed worldwide by Choice Genetics through the joint international network from both genetics companies.

RA-SE Genetics in turn distributes the Choice Genetics products in the Benelux.

The focus on the sow lines lies in the 'easy-to-manage' concept in combination with the further increase in the weaning capacity needed for the current high numbers of live-born piglets. The preservation of the known growth capacity and carcass quality is not lost sight of. In the boar lines the focus is on piglet vitality and increasing growth capacity without sacrificing carcass quality and slaughter yield.


Easy-to-manage gilt, very prolific and nice production performance

Naïma 2.0

Very ‘easy-to-manage’ gilt, hyper prolific with superior weaning capacity


The most conformated stress negative terminal sire in the market with superb piglet vitality, daily gain, carcass and meat quality


Pietrain terminal sire with enhanced piglet vitality and daily gain


Sow line semen for in house replacement : L12 (Landrace), L36 (Large White), L46 (Duroc) and M3 (Choice Genetics LW with superior weaning capacity)